Maxwell Tools Company

Angle Milling Cutter

We are ranked among renowned Manufacturers and Exporters of a comprehensive array of Angle Milling Cutters. Fabricated of industrial-grade raw materials, our Angle Milling Cutters are of uncompromised standards. We provide them in varied specifications to meet unique requirements of buyers. Interested ones can get Angle Milling Cutters from us in bulk at competitive prices.


Single Angle Cutters :

  • These cutters have teeth on Angular Surface; Manufactured in 45 or 60 degree.
  • These cutters have peripheral teeth, one cutting edge of which lies in the plane perpendicular to the cutter axis and the cutting edge in a conical surface.
  • These are of two types: included tooth angle of either 45 or 60 degrees plus or minus 10 minutes with plain keyway hole.
  • An included tooth angle of 60 degrees plus or minus 10 minutes with threaded hole.
  • Right Hand: for right hand rotation
  • Left hand: for left hand rotation
  • Single Angle Cutters are available in Single Right and Left Angle in any degree.

Double Angle Cutters :

  • These cutters have two intersecting angular surface with cutting teeth on both
  • Equal Angle Cutters
  • Double Equal Angle Cutters are available in 45°, 60° & 90° included angles.
  • These are used for milling threads, V-grooves, serrations and other angular surfaces.

Ordering Instructions :

  • Style - Single or Double Angle
  • Hand - Right hand or Left Hand.
  • Degree required