Maxwell Tools Company

Involute Gear Cutters

Maxwell is one of the highly sought after Involute Gear Cutters (Gear Milling Cutters) Manufacturers and Exporters in the industry. We deliver only superior quality and our supremacy is its live testimony. The prices of our Involute Gear Cutters are quite competitive; further attracting the customers from all over the world. Involute Gear Cutters are machine form relieved - the profile remains constant throughout cutter life, provided that on re-shapening, the face of the tooth is ground Radial-to-Centre. These Involute Gear Cutters are designed to mill spur gears having a 14 1/2oor 20 degree pressure angle. They may be sharpened repeatedly without changing the original form.

Capacity : 8 cutters for different teeth cutting requirements

Applications : Hobbing machines to generate gears


  • DP and Module series in the range 0.3 Module to 40 Module & 64 DP to 0.5 DP
  • A cross section of the cutters tooth will generate the required shape on the work piece, once set to the appropriate conditions (blank size)
  • Spline Milling Cutters
  • Sprocket Milling Cutters
  • Form Relieved Milling Cutters for involute and special forms
  • Affordable prices
  • On time delivery

Details :

  • For spur gears with a 14-1/2o or 20o pressure angle
  • Form relieved to allow re-sharpening many times without changing the form
  • 8 cutters are made for each pitch

Ordering Details :

  • Cutter No. 1 will cut gears from 135 teeth to a rack
  • Cutter No. 2 will cut gears from 55 teeth to 134 teeth 
  • Cutter No. 3 will cut gears from 35 teeth to 54 teeth 
  • Cutter No. 4 will cut gears from 26 teeth to 34 teeth 
  • Cutter No. 5 will cut gears from 21 teeth to 25 teeth 
  • Cutter No. 6 will cut gears from 17 teeth to 20 teeth 
  • Cutter No. 7 will cut gears from 14 teeth to 16 teeth 
  • Cutter No. 8 will cut gears from 12 teeth to 13 teeth 

When ordering state Diametral pitch or Module and the number of cutter desired from the above chart according to the number of teeth to be cut. 

Range of Cutters for Involute gear cutters

Cutter Number Cuts Gear from
1 135 teeth to rack
2 55-134
3 35-54
4 26-34
5 21-25
6 17-20
7 14-16
8 12-13