Maxwell Tools Company

Slitting Cutters

We are leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Slitting Cutters that are also termed as Saw Blade. These Slitting Cutters are used for cutting applications in various Industries, like Paper, Automobile, Steel and Fabrication, etc. Our Slitting Cutters are made from the finest Steel, as per the set industrial standards.

Tips On Using Slitting Cutters :
In case of Slitting Cutters, since Steel is to be cut by Steel, the cutting quality is the prime criterion for selection of the raw material. Raw material for Slitting Cutters should be hardened than the metal to be cut, so that there is no deformation of the Slitting Cutters. The Steel used for manufacturing of the Slitting Cutters used in slitting line should be such that it can be hardened in depth and should have sustained dimension for a longer period of its usage.

Selection Of Raw Material For Slitting Cutters :
When selecting the material for Slitting Cutters, it is essential to decide which of these three main characteristics, namely hardness, tenacity and resistance to wear, should be given preference or which optimum combination of all three characteristics is desirable and possible.

Description :
Slitting Cutters are manufactured from tool steel and special alloy steel according to the application requirement. We have manufacturing facility to produce sizes up to 210 mm in diameter. We also manufacture precision cutting tools with the thickness tolerance of 0.0015 mm and flatness of .0025 mm depending on the OD and thickness. This is possible with our precise Lapping Machines. Closer tolerances & special surface finishes are also possible.

Competitive Advantage :
Maxwell is able to deliver the same benefits as competitors but at a much lower cost and also deliver benefits that exceed those of competing products. Therefore we offer both cost and differentiation advantage.

This competitive advantage has enabled Maxwell to create superior value for its customers and superior profits for itself.